Real Work, Early On

Andrés' Career Story

Andrés Cantero, Jr.

Associate Los Angeles – Downtown
Andrés Cantero, Jr.
If you have a vision, you can make it happen at Kirkland.


The Kirkland culture represents vitality, opportunity and challenging, innovative work. This culture attracts individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to be intellectually challenged in their work. The Firm allows associates to craft the careers that they want.


The Firm goes above and beyond to provide you with a variety of resources. I believe that Kirkland University is the best training program for transactional attorneys in the country, if not the world.

As a first year, you learn how a transaction runs, what you need to do in that transaction and the different concepts that will arise. Kirkland explains it to you from the get-go.


I had the opportunity to fly to New York for an in-person closing and was part of the team that closed the largest real estate transaction in the world.

I felt like a valued member of the team at every phase. When you put in the time for a transaction that complex, it is nice to be appreciated, and it encourages you to further invest in the team. After that experience, I felt ready for the next biggest deal in the world.


Kirkland’s open assignment system gives attorneys the power to decide what matters they want to be on and with whom they work. It leads to long-standing relationships with your colleagues, your partners and your clients.

Even though we are part of a large firm, there’s a lot of attention to the individual. The Firm supports you in the areas that interest you and is on the lookout for other opportunities for you. If you have a vision, you can make it happen at Kirkland.


When I walked in the door as an associate, I was assignment-driven. Now, I'm beginning to spot issues and think creatively to avoid or resolve them. I’ve grown in my skills and ability to support not only my team but also the clients.

The Firm’s support has inspired me to pursue some personal ventures that I otherwise may not have. I helped form a nonprofit, Los Angeles Room & Board, to address the community college homelessness crisis using the entrepreneurial skills I've learned at the Firm. Not only does Kirkland enable associates to be the best lawyers they can be, but it also understands the importance of your personal interests.