Real Work, Early On

Alyssa’s Career Story

Alyssa Francini

Associate Boston
Alyssa Francini
At Kirkland, you get to do interesting work the day you start, you learn at a remarkably fast pace, and the opportunities are endless.


Kirkland's culture and clear commitment to our clients has helped me grow immensely as both an attorney and as a person. Kirkland has amassed an incomparable roster of people who are ready and willing to bet on others and give them a chance — I experienced this firsthand during my recruitment cycle, and I continue to mirror that behavior now that I'm in a position to bring new lawyers into the Firm.

I am proud to be a Kirkland attorney because of the resources we have. Whether it’s our amazing document services team, our practice assistants or other staff, we are well-resourced and we truly work as a team, which shows in our work product. Our reputation with clients is that we are going to get things done, and we're going to get them done really well.


Kirkland's open assignment system is a huge differentiator. Having the chance to choose what you want to work on, who you want to work for or with, and when, is the ultimate gift.

It’s hugely empowering, especially early in your career, to be given a say in the work product you’re turning around. It allows you to develop your skills and to be more deeply engaged in the work you're doing.


I love the Women’s Leadership Initiative and many of the Firm’s other initiatives. I've met some of my greatest friends and colleagues through them.

I was the co-chair of the Pride Affinity Group and on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in San Francisco. Being in charge of our Pride Affinity Group and helping plan events all year with the diversity team was important, and I appreciate the Firm’s prioritization of these initiatives.

Being on the Recruiting Committee and the Associates Committee have been two of my favorite ways to contribute to Kirkland outside of my role. On the Associates Committee, you effect change — sometimes in a small way, other times on a district-wide, office-wide or Firmwide level. Representing people who may just need someone else to share their thoughts or concerns is really special. Everyone gets to have a voice, and we can help to amplify them.


On two deals in the past year, it was just me and a partner doing a bulk of the legal work. I was getting calls from the principal on the business side. I was helping the partner and the partner was helping me. We were meeting at this fantastic middle ground where I was doing a lot more work than I had ever done before and at a higher level.

I learned so much more in that one deal than some people learn in three deals combined. At Kirkland, you get to do interesting work the day you start, you learn at a remarkably fast pace and you get more opportunities. As a third-year associate, I was negotiating with senior associates and partners on the other side. To me, it was an incredibly unique opportunity and one of the most significant things I've done. I'm so grateful for it.