Real Work, Early On

Prentis’ Career Story

Prentis Robinson III

Associate New York
Prentis Robinson III
Having the opportunity to help companies survive and save jobs is a fulfilling aspect of my job.


What stands out about Kirkland's culture is the collaboration not only among associates and partners within their particular practice groups, but also across various practice groups. Kirkland’s success is due in large part to that ability to collaborate Firmwide.

Another characteristic of Kirkland that stands out is the drive of our attorneys. Kirkland is a first mover in a lot of different areas, and is innovative both in how it serves clients and how it fosters growth and development among associates. The energy at Kirkland is forward-thinking and growth-oriented. I'm proud to say I'm a Kirkland attorney.


I’ve experienced exponential professional growth in terms of the substantive work that I do. I’ve also grown from opportunities to manage more junior associates and interact autonomously with clients. Kirkland has given me the opportunities and tools to be the best attorney I can be at this point in my career.

With the open assignment system, I’m able to tailor my career and be intentional about the skills I want to build. The open assignment system gives associates the freedom to craft their experience. Every year, I create a list of the things that I want to focus on, and each year I've been able to get those exact opportunities.

Coming into the practice of law, I wanted to have an intellectually stimulating job, and Kirkland provides that and much, much more. Kirkland has exceeded my expectations in terms of providing opportunities that help me become a better attorney.


At Kirkland, you have the opportunity to work on some of the most complex and complicated issues for your clients. Being a part of the Restructuring Practice Group has been a ridiculously unique opportunity. We often deal with problems that haven't been solved before. Besides the client work itself, which has been significant, having the opportunity to help companies survive and save jobs is a fulfilling aspect of my job.

Less than 30 days after I started at Kirkland, I had the opportunity to travel to the Chicago office, a client site and a court hearing. I had one-on-one interactions with the client, other advisers and other lawyers. Although I had just started, that learning opportunity was special because I was able to see what other attorneys and advisors were doing and learn through those observations.

I've also had countless opportunities to voice my opinion and develop solutions within the Firm. Knowing that my opinion is valued has allowed me to be myself here, which ultimately leads to a more positive and collaborative working environment.


Pro bono work has been really meaningful. Recently, I worked with the Taxi Workers Alliance, a group of taxi drivers in New York City who are struggling to pay the loans they owe on their medallions. Our team advised the Alliance in its negotiations between the city and lenders. Recently, it was announced that the city is going to give money to these drivers, and some institutions are going to forgive a portion of their loans. So not only can the drivers get their medallions back and get back on the road to make a living, but they also no longer have to worry about losing their homes or other property because they owe money on these loans. It was really meaningful to use the skills and the training I’ve had at the Firm to directly impact the lives of so many people in the city in which I live.


I'm passionate about the recruiting we do at Kirkland. The Firm has prioritized recruiting, retaining and developing its diverse associates. Recruiting is important to me because I have first-hand experience being a diverse candidate applying to a very prestigious law firm, and now I’m experiencing what it's like to thrive and be successful in that environment.

I’ve had the opportunity to help other people through the process and help them understand that there is a path to success for them at Kirkland. I've made it a priority to make myself available to talk to students, work with the recruiting department here at the Firm and be a resource. It's important to have the opportunity to showcase that there are other people who look like you here who have found a path to success.


Kirkland’s training programs are fantastic. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners. The Firm rolls out a curriculum for each of its practice groups and offers different classes each week. What I like most is that I can see which trainings are available in other practice groups, too, and I’m able to be intentional about building my skillset in other areas that will impact the kind of work that I do.

The opportunities at Kirkland, including the training programs and the substantive client-facing opportunities that you get very early on in your career, are unparalleled and unmatched.