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Ahmed Sidik

Partner Austin
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Management makes it clear that our growth is due to the hard work and contributions of every associate.


The culture here is very collegial and collaborative. Everyone involves associates in the business development process. Everyone at the Firm is available and wants to help you get to the right answer for your client, no matter the time of day, or where someone is located. Because of this, you’re able to get the best work product. Folks enjoy what they do, which makes the job more engaging for younger associates. All of this has led to a culture where folks care about the work they do and want to do well for their clients. I am happy to be a part of that.


It is important that I not only do my work well, but also develop important mentor/mentee relationships inside and outside of work. Since joining Kirkland, I’ve developed those relationships with partners I’ve worked with. Plus, I’ve been able to take on a mentor role with younger associates, teaching them and helping them in their success.


The quality and breadth of work keeps me at Kirkland. I focus on corporate M&A and private equity, which is very broad. I don’t think any two deals I’ve done have been the same, which I find interesting and rewarding. I’m able to do important work and have been given a lot of great opportunities. I’ve been encouraged to speak up in negotiations and lead negotiations with partners.

I’ve been involved in business development. Management makes it clear that our growth is due to the hard work and contributions of every associate.


I am proud of our initiatives on the pro bono front. When the Houston office opened, I helped spearhead diversity and pro bono efforts. It was a unique opportunity to be at the ground floor helping shape diversity efforts in the office.


We are a busy Firm, and that’s a sign of success in the market. Naturally, that has led to more opportunities for younger attorneys and more responsibility for attorneys early on. The more you do, the more you learn, and that’s one key factor to success and professional growth. I appreciate having the support of partners who want associates to take on more responsibility, because that has allowed me to grow.