Accountant Liability Litigation

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Kirkland has an accountant liability practice, which has defended every major U.S. accounting firm in a wide range of significant matters. It has taken many cases to trial – and consistently won favorable jury verdicts for its clients.

Kirkland teams have defended accounting firms in malpractice and negligence claims, securities claims and other shareholder actions, contract disputes, and regulatory and law enforcement proceedings involving the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and other regulatory bodies.

Kirkland lawyers not only understand the relevant laws, professional standards, and accounting concepts at issue in these matters, but also how best to present and defend the work of accounting professionals to juries, judges, arbitrators, and regulators.

The peerless reputation of Kirkland as a firm of trial lawyers is of particular value to its accounting firm clients, who, as "repeat players" in financial and commercial litigation, often find it best serves their interests to continue to defend, and to try cases, that their co-defendants chose to settle.

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