Kirkland Seminar

Kirkland & Ellis LBO/Private Equity Seminar - Chicago and New York

This seminar is held bi-annually in Chicago and New York. The program reviews the legal, tax, structuring, and practical negotiating aspects of complex deal-doing including: Buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions; Negotiating with the seller, the financing sources, management, etc.; Avoiding tax, SEC, legal, and accounting pitfalls; Using a partnership, limited liability company, or other tax flow-through entity; Compensating portfolio company executives through equity-based incentive plans, such as options and stock investing programs; Utilizing recap (rather than purchase) accounting; Exit scenarios (both taxable and tax-free) for the successful buyout deal, including an IPO or sale of the company; Deleveraging transactions and other recapitalizations; Forming a private equity fund and dealing with tax-exempt and foreign investors