Kirkland Seminar

2017 Copyright, Trademark, Internet & Advertising Symposium

Kirkland & Ellis is pleased to announce dates for the 2017 Copyright, Trademark, Internet & Advertising Symposium. This program will offer executives and in-house counsel a unique opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge issues facing companies that create their own intellectual property or want to understand the bounds of using the property of others. The topics covered run the gamut, including copyrightability, fair use, building and protecting brands, social media and comparative advertising, and more.  

The symposium is hosted by Kirkland partners Dale Cendali, Claudia Ray, Diana Torres, Daniel Bond, Bonnie Jarrett, Johanna Schmitt, and Joshua Simmons


  • Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Three Layers of Protection with Copyright, Trade Dress and Design Patent Law
  • Sound and Circuits
    • Don't Stop the Music: Music Licensing, Pre-1972 Sound Recordings, De Minimis Use and Other Hot Topics
    • Building on the Shoulders of Giants or Stealing Their Gold? When Does Copying from Software Competitors Go Too Far
  • All's Fair in Love and War....but Not Always in Copyright Law: Recent Developments in Fair Use
  • Gathering the Right Stuff: Everything You Should Ask Before Filing Suit
  • Home Sweet Home: Recent Developments in Your Region
  • Make Your "Mark": Strategic Brand Management Through Trademark Law
  • Fair Weather Friends: Nominative Fair Use & Comparative Advertising
  • Keeping to the Straight and Narrow: Avoiding Claims of Fraud on the PTO
  • Life of a Social Media Campaign: Concerns and Best Practices
  • And Now for Something Completely Different
    • The DTSA and the Chamber of Trade Secrets: Legal Landscape and Best Practices
    • Making It All Add Up: Damages and Valuation in Intellectual Property
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a CTIA Lawyer (Panel)


Dates and Locations:
01/18/17 - New York, NY
01/24/17 - Washington, D.C.
01/26/17 - Chicago, IL
01/31/17 - Beverly Hills, CA
02/02/17 - Palo Alto, CA

CLE Credits: Kirkland & Ellis is an approved State Bar of California and State Bar of Texas provider and an approved provider by the Illinois and New York MCLE boards. This program is currently pending approval for CLE credit in California, Illinois, New York and Texas.

For more information or to attend the program, please contact Madison Mayfield at +1 (312) 862 2518.