Kirkland Seminar

45 Days In — Enforcement in the Biden Administration

In this webinar, Kirkland partners offered insights into the regulatory and legislative policies as they reviewed the agenda of the Biden Administration. Our panelists have extensive experience in the White House and regulatory agencies on both sides of the aisle. They discuss the potential impacts that new laws and policies may have on our clients as we help navigate through anticipated regulatory and enforcement changes under the new administration.

Panelists Include:

  • Neil Eggleston, White House Counsel to President Obama
  • Lisa Madigan, Former Illinois Attorney General and Former Illinois State Senator
  • Erica Williams, Deputy Chief of Staff to three Chairs of the Securities and Exchange Commission and an Associate Counsel to President Obama
  • Brian Benczkowski, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division in the President Trump Administration
  • Reginald Brown, Associate Counsel to President George W. Bush
  • Mark Filip, Moderator; Deputy Attorney General in the President George W. Bush Administration