Kirkland Seminar

2023 Virtual DOE Energy Storage Financing Summit

This virtual event, co-hosted by Mustang Prairie Energy and in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, the U.S. Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration, was focused on existing deployment challenges and opportunities for energy storage projects. The path to successfully deploying energy storage facilities has become more challenging as equipment supply, site control, project financing, addressing tax law changes and managing the interconnection queue continue to vex many developers. Those groups able to overcome these challenges effectively are finding more market opportunities, leading to a possible structural advantage for these growing firms.

Speakers included representatives from the U.S. DOE and industry experts who have experience with the challenges and opportunities of investing in energy storage projects.

Keynote Speakers

  • Chandrasekar Govindarajalu, Lead Energy Specialist, World Bank
  • Michael Gravely, Team Lead, California Energy Commission
  • Dr. Imre Gyuk, Chief Scientist for Energy Storage Research, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Eric Hsieh, Deputy Assistant Director for Energy Storage, U. S. Department of Energy
  • Kaitlin Johnson, Attorney-Advisor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Jigar Shah, Director of Loan Programs Office, U.S. Department of Energy


  • Richard Baxter, Mustang Prairie Energy

OCTOBER 17, 2023

Panel 1: Long Duration Energy Storage
Moderator: Marcia Hook, Kirkland & Ellis


  • Juan Alvarez, Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, DOE
  • Doug Hofer, Southwest Research Institute
  • Katheryn Scott, Office of Technology Transitions, DOE
  • Julia Souder, Long Duration Energy Storage Council
  • Russ Weed, Flow Battery Industry Group (FBIG)

Valuation Workshop
Moderator: Ray Byrne, Sandia National Laboratories


  • Patrick Balducci, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Miles Evans, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Tu Nguyen, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Di Wu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

OCTOBER 18, 2023

Panel 1: Markets & Policy
Moderator: Robert Fleishman, Kirkland & Ellis


  • Jan Ahlen, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  • Ron DiFelice, EIP Storage
  • Emma Konet, Tierra Climate
  • Ravi Manghani, LS Energy Solutions
  • Will McNamara, Sandia National Laboratories

Panel 2: Capital Providers
Moderator: Robert Eberhardt, Kirkland & Ellis


  • Stephanie Annerose, Piper Sandler
  • Victoria Carey, Bank of America
  • Katherine Treuer, Generate
  • Patrick Van Grinsven, Marathon Capital
  • Brian Warshay, DNV

Panel 3: Deployment Challenges & Opportunities
Moderator: Sam Kamyans, Kirkland & Ellis


  • Jason Burwen, GridStor
  • Jacquie DeRosa, Ameresco
  • Lee Peterson, CohnReznick
  • Dylan Turner, AES Clean Energy
  • Vanessa Witte, Wood Mackenzie

Watch Summit Part 1
2023 U.S. DOE Energy Storage Financing Summit Part 1
Watch Summit Part 1
2023 U.S. DOE Energy Storage Financing Summit Part 1
Watch Summit Part 2
2023 U.S. DOE Energy Storage Financing Summit Part 2
Watch Summit Part 2
2023 U.S. DOE Energy Storage Financing Summit Part 2
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