Speaking Engagement

State Treasurers Conference

Kirkland partner Margaret A. Gibson, P.C. and Kirkland associate John R. O'Neil will be presenting "Alternative Asset Vehicles: Legal Considerations" at this event.  Alternative investments play an important and growing role in the asset allocation of state investment funds.  Their session will provide the most current information on the legal implications of this asset class. 

Kirkland partner Richard W. Porter, P.C. will be presenting with a distinguished panel on an "Overview of Private Equity Investing" at this event.  The task of investing state funds in the current economic environment can be complex.  within this environment, a variety of investment opportunities exists for state investment managers.  This panel will explore the issues surrounding a growing investment option, private equity investing.

Of special note, Kirkland partner Jack S. Levin, P.C. will be giving an introduction.