Speaking Engagement

The Subprime Mortgage Meltdown: Who, What, Where and Why . . . Investigations & Litigation (PLI)

The subprime mortgage meltdown has been estimated to cause losses anywhere from $50 billion to $100 billion, or even more. Losses of this magnitude have already spawned investigations and litigation. As losses continue to accumulate, one can expect investigations and litigations to expand. At this program, you will hear about the most recent actions that are pending - whether shareholder suits by investors or lawsuits by state attorneys general on behalf of investors - as well as who the potential defendants may be. Further, you will learn what the Securities and Exchange Commission is considering when it looks at whether there have been disclosure and accounting irregularities by hedge funds and other entities.

Kirkland Partner James Gillespie will be participating on the panel discussion titled "Current Litigation Issues: How to Advise your Client."

For more information, please visit PLI's website at: http://www.pli.edu/product/program_detail.asp?ptid=511&stid=3&id=EN00000000041349