Speaking Engagement

The 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference

The 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference: Asia after the GFC Leading the Global Recovery will be held on November 17 - 19, 2010 at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan. This conference brings together experts from throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond to discuss the current opportunities, issues, risks and practical considerations for investors and others doing business in the emerging and developed markets of the Asia Pacific region in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Topics include:

  • Post GFC: global regulatory reform and its impact on trade, investment and finance in the Asia Pacific region;
  • Acquisitions, mergers and investments: evolving transaction structures and new legal and regulatory issues for foreign investors throughout the Asia region;
  • Antitrust: new competition regimes and regulatory developments in Asia's emerging markets;
  • Intellectual property: lessons on protection of IP rights in Asia;
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution: new dispute resolution paradigms and issues in Asia ;
  • Corporate counsel: best practices regarding corporate governance and anti-corruption compliance in Asia;
  • Asian multinational companies and state-owned enterprises on the prowl: what are they buying, what are their agendas, how are they affecting trade and investment in the region and globally?;
  • Law firm management: the response by and opportunities for growth for law firms in the aftermath of the global financial crisis; and
  • A one day training and roundtable session for young lawyers on the fundamentals of international business practice.

Kirkland partner David Patrick Eich will be participating in the "Regional Acquisition, Merger and Investment Developments: Sector-Specific Issues and Opportunities in Asia Today" panel.