Speaking Engagement

Market Dislocation: Challenges & Opportunities for the Oil & Gas Industry

The dual pressures of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the Russia–Saudi Arabia oil price war have accelerated themes that have been emerging in the oil and gas sector over the past few years. Join Kirkland partner Shubi Arora for a discussion with Dan Pickering, Chief Investment Officer of Pickering Energy Partners, on these challenges as well as potential opportunities for companies and investors during the current business climate.

Topics include:

  • Outlook for U.S. crude oil and natural gas markets
  • Storage capacity considerations
  • Impact of market dislocation on the midstream sector
  • Near- and long-term changes to the RBL market and prospects of bank foreclosures and operation of assets
  • The new wave of bankruptcies and effects of restructuring
  • Sources of drilling capital going forward
  • Oil majors’ response to the distressed E&P sector
  • Outlook for private equity funds and management teams
  • Emerging and potentially overlooked risks and opportunities
  • Characteristics of well-positioned organizations and management teams
  • General industry observations

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