Kate is a Partner in Kirkland's European Restructuring Group. Kate has extensive restructuring and insolvency experience, including advising strategic investors, insolvency practitioners, turnaround managers, directors, debtors and creditors in all forms of national and international financial restructurings and insolvencies.

Kate leads the European Restructuring Group’s technical business development initiatives and support the team in problem-solving on their market-leading deals. This includes advising on a variety of restructuring plans, schemes of arrangement, company voluntary arrangements, administrations, enforcements (including by way of appropriation) and cross-border recognition.


Thought Leadership


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Panelist, “German Scheme and alternatives”, Kirkland German Restructuring Market Seminar, November 28, 2023, London, UK

Moderator, “Cross-border restructurings”, IWIRC/Reorg London conference, November 8, 2023, London, UK – with Lord Justice Snowden, Mr. Justice Harris (Hong Kong) and Felicity Toube KC

Moderator, “State of the Market on Cross-Border Recognition”, American Bankruptcy Institute 2023 International Insolvency and Restructuring Symposium, November 2, 2023, Lisbon, Portugal

Speaker, “The restructuring landscape in the UK and Offshore: more to unite than to divide?”, Mourant South Square Litigation Forum, October 5, 2023, London, UK

Speaker, “European Preventive Restructuring Processes in Practice”, Kirkland's Global Distressed Investing Seminar, September 14, 2023, London, UK

Moderator, “The UK restructuring plan: a triumph or room for improvement?”, Global Restructuring Review “Women in Restructuring” conference, June 29, 2023, London, UK

Speaker, “The English Restructuring Plan, the German StaRUG and the Dutch WHOA – a practical comparison”, R3 & INSOL Europe International Restructuring Conference, June 15, 2023, London, UK

Panelist/Moderator, “Cross-border recognition – Where Are We Now?”, Insolvency Lawyers’ Association conference, April 21, 2023, London, UK

Speaker, “Chapter 11 vs Restructuring Plans”, INSOL Talks podcast, January 2023

Speaker, “How would UK implementation of the latest UNCITRAL Model Laws affect the international restructuring landscape?”, INSOL Focus, January 10, 2023, Webinar


Shortlisted, “Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyer of the Year,” Women in Business Law Awards (EMEA), 2023

“Women in Restructuring”, Global Restructuring Review, 2023 & 2017

Winner, IWIRC London Network Excellence Award, 2022

Shortlisted, “IFLR Women Dealmakers Hall of Fame,” IFLR Europe Awards, 2022

Runner-Up, “GRR 40 Under 40,” Global Restructuring Review, 2022

“European Restructuring Practices of Major U.S. Law Firms,” Turnarounds & Workouts, 2020–2022

Memberships & Affiliations

INSOL International: member of G36 Committee and Technical Research Committee

Insolvency Lawyers’ Association: member of Governing Council and Technical Committee

International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC)

Editorial board of International Corporate Rescue journal

Conferee to Conference on European Restructuring and Insolvency Law


Admissions & Qualifications

  • 2008, Admitted to practice as a Solicitor of England and Wales


  • English
  • French


  • Nottingham Law SchoolLegal Practice CourseDistinction2005
  • University of CambridgeM.A. (Cantab), Law2004