Award Corporate Board Member

America's Best Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Board Member magazine surveyed 32,500 members of corporate boards across the United States and asked them to identify the law firms they admire the most.  The results of the survey yielded the names of some of the top law firms in the country all sharing similar characteristics--quality, consistency, and competitive ferocity.  Within this list of "The Top 20 Firms Nationally,"  Kirkland & Ellis placed tenth.
The magazine also asked the participants to rate law firms within their hometowns and used that data to compile a list of "The Top Five Firms in 50 Metropolitan Areas."  Kirkland was also identified on this list as being a major player in the Chicago area.
To determine the winners on both lists, Corporate Board Member also considered factors such as how the firms are perceived by clients and the legal media, the firm's ability to attract top clients such as board members, and its landmark or notable cases.