Award Financial Times

U.S. Innovative Lawyers Report

The Financial Times named Kirkland among the top ten most innovative law firms in the United States in its third "U.S. Innovative Lawyers Report." In addition to appearing on the report's "FT Law 25" index of the most innovative firms, Kirkland received commendations for four individual matters. Kirkland is one of two firms with three commended deals on the corporate table and ranks second overall in corporate.

On the corporate table, Kirkland is "highly commended" for Molson Coors' €2.65 billion acquisition of StarBev, and Blum Capital Partners LP and Golden Gate Capital's $2 billion take-private acquisition of Collective Brands. Kirkland is also "commended" for a Bristol-Myers Squibb's joint acquisition of Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

The Firm's work for Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and Actavis, Inc. in the U.S. Supreme Court matter PLIVA vs. Mensing is "highly commended" in litigation.

The FT evaluated law firm work based on originality, rationale and impact.

Regarding Molson Coors, the editorial said that Kirkland: "Crafted a novel indemnification structure to ensure American brewer Molson Coors' €2.65bn ($3.37bn) acquisition of StarBev was acceptable on both sides of the Atlantic."

Regarding Collective Brands, the editorial said that Kirkland: "Developed a complex merger and financing arrangement to enable three buyers to acquire shoe company Collective Brands, then split the business between them."

Regarding Bristol-Myers Squibb, the editorial said that the Firm: "Created an unusual agreement between Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca, providing a template for collaboration in the pharmaceuticals sector."

Regarding Teva, the editorial said that Kirkland: "Secured a Supreme Court ruling for generic drug manufacturers that will effectively limit their product liability in the future."