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Kirkland Receives 2023 Paragon Award for Pro Bono Partnership and Commitment

Lawyers for Good Government honored Kirkland & Ellis with the 2023 Pro Bono Paragon Award for its pro bono efforts focusing on human rights, climate change, racial justice and more.

The inaugural award recognized Kirkland as a leader in building programs in partnership with L4GG, such as the COVID-19 Small Business Remote Legal Clinic, which provided critical legal assistance to thousands of microbusinesses and nonprofits during the pandemic, and the Temporary Protected Status Pro Bono Project for Ukraine, designed to provide remote legal assistance to Ukrainian nationals in the U.S. after the 2022 Russian invasion.

“Kirkland has consistently showcased dedication to turning ambitious ideas into a reality,” said Traci Feit Love, founder, president and executive director of L4GG. “When you combine the resources of Kirkland with the resources we've been able to put together at L4GG, it creates scale that makes projects come to life. It makes things that seem impossible, possible.”