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Surgeon Stumped by Teak Farming

Luke Dauchot comments on a fraud lawsuit filed by inventor and client Dr. Gary Michelson. 

"Michelson's attorney, Luke Dauchot, is asking the court to set a summer trial date for the suit, which was filed in 2007. Dauchot also represented Michelson in the licensing battle that netted him $1.35 billion in 2005.

'Wealthy people are often tempting targets for fraud,' said Dauchot, a partner in the downtown L.A. office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. 'But I think it takes on an added level when you consider that this came from someone whom he considered to be certainly one of his best friends. There is that emotional component to it.' "

This article appeared in its entirety in the February 22, 2010 edition of The Los Angeles Business Journal.