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NY Judge Urges Settlement in Obama Poster Dispute

Dale Cendali discusses Kirkland's case for the Associated Press against artist Shephard Fairey.

"Fairey has sued the AP, charging that his artwork does not infringe copyrights held by the AP. In a countersuit, the AP has said the uncredited, uncompensated use of one of the news cooperative's pictures violated copyright laws and posed a threat to journalism.

Neither side embraced the judge's suggestion to settle the case.

AP lawyer Dale Cendali told Hellerstein the news organization was seeking 'substantial damages.'

'Our primary objective is to make it clear to the world that The Associated Press is the copyright owner of that photograph and what he did was not fair use under copyright law,' Cendali said. 'The Associated Press truly has been aggrieved here.' "

This article appeared in its entirety in the May 28, 2010 edition of The Associated Press.