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Securities Litigation: Coordinating an Investigation

Kirkland partner Erica Williams participated in a Q&A with Corporate Disputes regarding key trends and developments in securities litigation over the last 12 months.

Throughout the feature, she discusses key components of a successful securities-related investigation, examples of recent notable securities litigation cases and technology's growing role in securities litigation overall. 

"The SEC has focused its efforts on bringing cases involving misconduct that impacts ‘main street’ investors, including cases against investment advisers for conflicts of interest and misallocation of fees and expenses, cases against public companies for financial reporting disclosure violations and accounting fraud, and actions against individuals and entities involved in the unlawful offering of digital assets. I expect these trends to continue in the coming months as the agency also dedicates resources towards rooting out securities law violations arising out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic."

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This article appeared in its entirety in the Jul-Sep 2020 issue of Corporate Disputes.