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Biden and Erdogan Meet as U.S. Sanctions Hang Over Turkey Following Russian Missile Deal

Kirkland partner Sanjay Mullick and of counsel Abigail Cotterill spoke with CNBC regarding U.S. sanctions on Turkey following its multibillion-dollar acquisition of a Russian missile system.

"The sanctions that were implemented are a bit more targeted," explained Sanjay Mullick… "Here the focus was on licensing, technology, and not so much on prohibitions on any and all financial transaction."

"…This is a step that is not typically seen in the relationship with such an allied partner, although in this case, perhaps prompted by Turkey’s engagement in activities which were contrary to prior U.S. foreign policy decisions such as those put in place against Russia in 2017," Abigail Cotterill… told CNBC.

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This article appeared in its entirety in the June 14, 2021, edition of CNBC.