Press Release

Kirkland & Ellis Seminar Embarks on Cutting Edge of E-Business Legal Strategy

Kirkland & Ellis will host an innovative, forward-thinking seminar on "Legal Issues and Solutions in E-Business."  The program targets individuals interested in e-Business, focusing on the needs of private equity investors and large multinational and New Economy companies.  This is the third e-Business seminar hosted by Kirkland, following successful e-Business seminars held in the London and New York offices earlier this year.

University of Chicago Law School Professors Douglas Lichtman and Randal Picker will kick off the event with an hour-long interactive, roundtable discussion on business strategy in the context of both intellectual property law and antitrust.  Using case studies pulled from the popular press, professors Lichtman and Picker will take conference attendees to the cutting edge in legal strategy, illuminating some of the new trends, challenges, and opportunities available in the Internet Age. 

"This program is an excellent opportunity for leaders in the legal and business communities to come together and discuss strategies to tackle the myriad issues we face in an ever-changing economy fueled by the Internet," said Kirkland partner Gregg Kirchhoefer.
Kirkland lawyers will share their extensive knowledge and experience regarding issues facing businesses in the New Economy.  Some of the topics that will be presented by Kirkland lawyers include raising capital, forming strategic alliances, and operating an e-Business.  The Kirkland lawyers speaking at the program are Gregg Kirchhoefer, Jeffery S. Norman, Gary R. Silverman, Donald E. Rocap, Neil S. Hirshman, Margaret A. Gibson, Thomas O. Kuhns, David K. Callahan, Marc J. Zwilllinger, Colin R. Kass, and Jeffrey D. Mills.