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Kirkland Partners Author Inaugural Chapter on Congressional Investigations

Kirkland partners authored the inaugural chapter on Congressional Investigations in Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, 5th edition. This chapter explores the distinct forum that is the United States Congress and the scrutiny federal lawmakers apply to companies and their business activities. It discusses the breadth and limits of Congress’ investigative authority, the common phases of a congressional inquiry, the tools congressional investigators have at their disposal, the rights of private companies and individuals that find their way into Congress’ crosshairs, and related case law.

Kirkland’s Congressional Investigations Practice Group has industry-leading experience representing clients before both chambers of Congress and every major committee. Our diverse, bipartisan team includes alumni of the White House Counsel’s Office, former senior staffers from leading congressional committees in the House and Senate, former top officials at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a former state Attorney General and has represented clients across virtually every industry sector. We anticipate where investigations are heading based on decades of experience and with the help of lawyers who have led congressional investigations from the other side of the table.

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