Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions - September 2023

Chicago corporate and tax partner Jack S. Levin has co-authored (along with Donald E. Rocap) a widely used treatise in the corporate and tax areas. "Structuring Venture Capital" (first published 1994, updated and republished annually) focuses on a series of typical transactions carried out with venture capital/private equity money, including a new business start-up, a growth equity investment in an existing business, a leveraged buyout of a private or public company, a leveraged recapitalization, an equity-based executive compensation program, a restructuring or workout for an over-leveraged enterprise, devising an exit scenario for the successful venture financed company, and forming a private equity fund. With respect to each transaction, this 1,400 page book discusses the tax, corporate law, partnership law, LLC law, securities regulation, bankruptcy, accounting, and other legal and practical issues typically encountered and explores a myriad of potential solutions and practical structuring alternatives, including use of complex securities such as common and preferred stock, convertible debentures, convertible preferred, warrants, and options.

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2023 PE/VC Recent Development Letter

Summary and Detailed Table of Contents