[Kirkland's] tenure in the patent and technology licensing domain is far longer than most… the firm is in pole position to seal transatlantic and global deals. - IAM Patent 1000, 2018

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing both licensors and licensees of intangible assets and attendant intellectual property rights. These matters include license arrangements involving patents, technology, copyrights, brands, trade dress, content, data, databases and software. We have experience with licenses with complicated aspects, such as for mission-critical technology or intangible assets with significant commercialization potential. We recognize the driving business and legal interests of both the owners/licensors as well as the licensees, which are frequently aligned but can occasionally diverge depending on the nature of the licensed asset, its potential use and commercialization cases, and the relative economic and time horizon positions of the parties. We are also skilled at identifying and planning with respect to the impact of related areas of law on licenses, including tax, antitrust, and bankruptcy laws.