Class Action Litigation

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The firm delivers quality class action defense that is thoughtful, pragmatic and effective. Best in the business. - Chambers USA, 2022
Win Early 
From the day a class action complaint is filed, Kirkland digs into the claims and masters the facts, routinely winning dismissals on the pleadings. Our focus on early resolution saves our clients from incurring years of litigation expenses. We have secured dispositive motion victories in every type of class action, from consumer fraud and product liability cases, to antitrust and shareholder suits, among others.

Defeat Class Certification
Kirkland has a proven record because we understand that building a foundation to defeat class certification should be at the forefront of a client’s defense strategy from the very outset of the case. All affirmative and defensive discovery, all filings and arguments submitted to the court, and all expert testimony must be prepared with an eye toward defeating the elements for class certification.

Defeat Objectors
Kirkland’s success at trial is the reason that our clients turn to us time and again to handle their biggest and most difficult matters. However, we also understand that there are times when the best result for a client faced with a class action may be a class-wide settlement and a broad release of claims. Where proceeding to trial is in not in the best interest of our clients, our reputation as a firm of trial lawyers produces more favorable settlements than would have otherwise been possible. We routinely have been successful in securing favorable class action settlements despite vigorous objections, and have followed through to win any necessary appeals.