Employment Litigation & Counseling

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Our employment litigation and counseling lawyers have significant experience practicing before federal and state courts and a variety of administrative agencies. We are skilled in handling complex employment litigation, including class actions and claims under various statutes such as the FLSA and ERISA. We regularly counsel clients in connection with the ever-increasing number of federal and state statutes and regulations affecting the employment relationship.

We are experienced in actions to enforce non-competition agreements and trade secrets. We represent clients seeking to recover sensitive documents and prevent corporate raiding of staff and customers.

Our ERISA-based litigation spans a wide range of sectors, where we have represented clients in trial and appellate courts nationwide on a wide variety of ERISA issues. We have deep experience with overlapping ERISA claims, securities class actions, derivative actions, and internal and government investigations. Our work includes: Retiree medical liabilities, Title IV, PBGC, and plan termination issues that include multi-employer plan withdrawal liability, bankruptcy issues involving pension plans, ERISA preemption, ERISA Section 510 actions, plan amendment and termination issues, and fiduciary duty litigation.

We also have extensive experience with #metoo litigation and related counseling, at the board level and in the context of sensitive internal investigations.