Executive Compensation

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Compensation is a fundamental component of an organization’s success. An organization’s compensation programs are the blueprint for the management team— instructing them on which goals to pursue and which to defer. Without thoughtful and well-designed compensation programs, success will be delayed and may be denied. Design is only part of the issue, though. Compensation programs are subject to myriad levels of regulation under the tax code, securities laws, labor laws and more. They are also heavily influenced by market norms and third-parties such as ISS and Glass-Lewis.

Our Executive Compensation Practice Group keenly understands both the critical nature of an organization’s compensation programs and the challenges in designing and implementing these programs. We are trusted by investors, boards of directors, CEOs and other leaders of the world’s most dynamic and influential organizations to navigate these issues and design and draft the compensation arrangements that contribute so deeply to an organization’s success.

Working closely with our top-tier transactional practice groups, our Executive Compensation Practice Group advises organizations at the most sensitive and challenging times of an organization’s existence—major transactions (including both public and private mergers and acquisitions), restructurings and bankruptcy filings, recapitalizations, spinoffs and initial public offerings. These are the times that our clients demand and require knowledge, experience, speed, precision and, most of all, judgment, to review, revise and implement compensation programs aligned with the organization’s strategic path.

The breadth of our practice is matched by the depth of our experience. We have our finger on the pulse of the private equity, restructuring and M&A markets and have pioneered compensation in all of those areas. We work tirelessly to find creative solutions that achieve our clients’ goals. We focus on the destination, not the road blocks, and find paths to get our clients to where they want to go.