We are embracing the call for a more open and transparent dialog about mental health within our profession and believe this program will become an important part of our culture. - Jeffrey C. Hammes, P.C., Chairman, Global Management Executive Committee


Kirkland is committed to supporting the wellbeing of attorneys at all levels of the Firm, and we understand the importance of open and transparent communication about mental health within the legal profession. The Firm’s pioneering Wellbeing Program — one of the first such initiatives offered at a Big Law firm — proactively works with our attorneys on issues related to mental health and substance misuse.

The program offers education and dialogue across three core dimensions: resilience, connection and fitness/nutrition. It also identifies ways to support those dealing with substance misuse and other mental health concerns, including anxiety, stress and depression. Through apps, online resources, seminars, workshops and CLE-credit courses, the Wellbeing Program supports stress reduction, increases resiliency and helps individuals to make different choices regarding substance abuse and other potentially addictive behaviors.