We encourage and facilitate open dialogue about mental health and substance abuse, and overall wellbeing within our profession. It’s an important part of our culture. - Jon A. Ballis, P.C., Chairman, Global Management Executive Committee


Kirkland is committed to supporting the wellbeing of attorneys and staff at all levels of the Firm, and we understand the importance of open and transparent communication about mental health and substance abuse within the legal profession. Our pioneering Wellbeing Program — one of the first such initiatives offered in Big Law — provides education across three core dimensions: resilience, connection and fitness/nutrition. The program helps individuals develop deeper self-awareness and improve overall health.

With an emphasis on reducing the stigma around mental health and substance abuse, we provide offerings like our Wellbeing Minute newsletter, Firmwide programming and events, and comprehensive wellbeing benefits that equip people with the tools to strengthen coping strategies, manage stress more effectively and increase resiliency. The program also identifies paths to support for those in need.

Firmwide Director of Wellbeing Robin Belleau has led the Wellbeing Program since its inception in 2019 and is an attorney and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She is an active speaker on mental health and wellbeing topics, and serves as a member of the Commission for the Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP), a U.S.-based nonprofit organization affiliated with the American Bar Association (ABA) that provides assistance to judges, lawyers and law students in the areas of mental health and substance abuse.

“This program was created to fit within the busy schedules of those working in the legal industry – and to address topics from their perspective,” Robin says. “My hope is that the more we talk about these issues as a Firm, the more we can reduce the stigma around getting help and support.”