We encourage and facilitate open dialogue about mental health and substance abuse, and overall wellbeing within our profession. It’s an important part of our culture. - Jon A. Ballis, P.C., Chairman, Global Management Executive Committee


Kirkland is committed to supporting the wellbeing of attorneys at all levels of the Firm, and we understand the importance of open and transparent communication about mental health within the legal profession. The Firm’s pioneering Wellbeing Program — one of the first such initiatives offered at a Big Law firm — proactively works with our attorneys on issues related to mental health and substance misuse.

We engage our people through offering educational resources and creating a dialogue around the topic of wellbeing, with an emphasis on reducing stigma related to mental health and substance misuse. We equip people by providing practical advice and tools for strengthening coping strategies, managing stress more effectively, and increasing resiliency. Lastly, we empower people by identifying pathways to support so that those who have a need for assistance can take effective action to improve.