Career Stories

Attorneys from across our U.S. offices share their experience working at Kirkland. Hear firsthand about the culture, early opportunities for real work, training and initiatives that drew them – and keep them – here.
  • Jonathan Adair

    Jonathan N. Adair

    Associate Chicago
    By empowering associates to shape their futures, Kirkland creates a culture of openness and opportunity.
  • Daniel Cellucci

    Daniel R. Cellucci

    Associate New York
    Kirkland facilitates creative thinking and problem-solving early on.
  • Rebecca Blake Chaikin

    Rebecca Blake Chaikin

    Partner New York
    The learning curve is incredibly steep, but in the best possible way… You can take as much responsibility as you want. You do have to earn it — and then you can take it.
  • Yungmoon Chang Profile

    Yungmoon Chang

    Associate Los Angeles – Century City
    Our in-house training provides the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, which in turn enables us to benefit from early courtroom experience.
  • Annie Dreisbach

    Annie Dreisbach

    Associate Chicago
    Kirkland takes as much pride in its attorneys’ wellbeing, positive attitudes and general kindness as it does in closing deals and winning trials.
  • Mathew Eapen

    Mathew Eapen

    Associate Boston
    At Kirkland, you are in charge of your career and your trajectory; you can actively direct your path.
  • Kyle Elder Profile

    Kyle Elder

    Partner Chicago
    Early in my career, I’ve led transactions valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. I thought it would be 10 to 15 years before I’d have the opportunity to do that. If you show you can handle it, the Firm lets you run with it.
  • Ben Hardison

    Ben Hardison

    Associate Dallas
    The open assignment system is one of the things I like most about Kirkland. I get to work on the matters I’m interested in, with the people I want to work with.
  • Don Hong

    Don Hong

    Associate Washington, D.C.
    I’ve established strong relationships with mentors and sponsors who truly invest in my success.
  • Kevin Lam Profile

    Kevin Lam

    Partner New York
    The attorneys here have an incredible drive, and people truly enjoy their work. You can’t help but share in their enthusiasm when you see people so immersed in what they do.