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Katie’s Career Story

Katie Lencioni

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Katie Lencioni
All of the cases I’ve worked on since my first day as a summer associate have been collaborative. We win as a team.


All of the cases I've worked on since my first day as a summer associate have been collaborative and team-oriented. Everyone knows that clients benefit when everybody works together for a common goal.

The partners here are interested in fostering that team atmosphere. We strategize together. We have weekly team meetings. We win as a team.


I'm proud to be part of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) and was excited to be selected as a co-chair as just a fifth-year associate.

The WLI is a great way for women to come together and engage in programming that benefits women of all levels within our Firm — everything from networking and business development opportunities to professional development trainings and panels.


At Kirkland, I’ve been involved in significant work. If you ask for an opportunity, people are happy to give it to you.

The open assignment system is really like a choose-your-own-adventure system. You control your own destiny and your own future. You aren’t forced to work with a particular attorney, a particular client or a particular type of case or matter. You're empowered as an associate to say “yes” or “no,” which gives you control of how much and what type of work is on your plate. I can't imagine doing it any other way.


I’m currently on a big antitrust case involving 36 defendants. I wanted to be part of it because I absolutely love the people on the Kirkland team and they have given me important opportunities, from depositions to oral argument. Plus, as an associate, I’m the lead attorney responsible for the entire case’s seal team efforts. It's meaningful work and significant responsibility, and it's given me a chance to shine.

I value the client interaction and face time I have here. Clients call me directly. I go to meetings, dinners and events with them. I’m on cases where it is just the lead partner and me, and I am the main client contact. From what I gather from colleagues elsewhere, that is truly unique.


I've grown professionally and personally at Kirkland. I am learning something new every day. I'm never bored, and I'm continually growing.