Real Work, Early On

Brandon’s Career Story

Brandon Short

Partner Boston
Brandon Short
It’s an incredible experience to work at a place that encourages you to be authentic.


Kirkland gives you the ability to chart your own path, make your own decisions, take on the work you want and work with the people you want.

This approach creates a mutually beneficial culture that fosters and rewards excellence.


The Firm walks the walk when it comes to commitment to diversity and inclusion. There’s real support from the top down. It’s an incredible experience to work at a place that encourages you to be authentic.

Kirkland also directs a huge amount of resources to pro bono matters and fully supports attorneys’ involvement in pro bono work. For example, I’ve traveled to the border to help parents who have been separated from their children. Being empowered to take significant ownership of pro bono matters is hugely rewarding.


We handle a broad spectrum of work in the private equity space. I’ve been involved in fund formation projects, mergers and acquisitions in many different industries, fund restructuring issues and end-of-life fund recapitalizations, just to name a few. Kirkland provides unique opportunities to understand a broad cross-section of private equity clients’ needs. That's been empowering, and an experience that is unique to this Firm.


I’m proud of the skills I have developed from interfacing directly with clients.

At Kirkland, if you’re capable of handling an issue, with appropriate supervision, there isn't much concern about how junior you are. Along with thoughtful mentorship, you're given the opportunity to handle tasks as soon as you can, which I know has accelerated my growth.