Kirkland Seminar

Building, Maintaining & Exiting the Outsourcing Relationship

On April 12, 2002, the seminar, Building, Maintaining and Exiting the Outsourcing Relationship, was held in the Chicago office with a video conference hookup to the Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. offices.  The following topics were covered during the program:

  • The Outsourced Economy
  • The Contracting Process
  • It's All in the Contract: Overview of Key Terms and Conditions



Scope, Pricing and Performance

Project Management, Assets and Facilities, International Considerations

Risk Allocation, Term/Termination and Proprietary Rights



  • Morgan Stanley:  Investment Banking Perspectives on Outsourcing
  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • If the Relationship Goes Sour:  Exit Strategies and Litigation Issues
  • Breakout Sessions

Information Technology (IT Infrastructure, network software applications, data center management, telecommunications, etc.)


Business Process (finance and accounting, human resources, facilities, CRM, etc.)


WebSourcing (e-commerce infrastructure and applications, ASP, etc.)