Kirkland Seminar

Open Source Law Seminar

In light of the recession, many companies are reassessing their proprietary and open source software strategies as well as their associated proprietary software license expenses. The steady trickle of companies moving to core open source strategies before the economic meltdown has suddenly become a flood. At the same time, the first wave of open source based litigation has emerged and as a result open source risks that were previously theoretical have become very real -- especially for vendors of embedded devices, the primary targets of the first wave of litigations. More than ever, businesses with open source strategies face novel and challenging legal issues. Critical questions include:

- Can proprietary software be combined with open source or copyleft software?

- If we use open source, what do we need to do to protect our trade secrets?

- Should our company have a written open source policy?

- What questions should we ask when we acquire software from a vendor?

- Do we need to change our business model to accommodate open source?

- When are copyleft requirements triggered in an embedded device?

This advanced seminar will address these and other important business questions arising out of the commercial adoption of open source software.

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