Kirkland Seminar

Energy Innovation: Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Significant developments in the technology and economics of carbon capture, usage and storage ("CCUS") have led to increasing interest in this topic among energy professionals. Panelists including Kirkland partners Scott Cockerham and Alexandra Farmer discussed developments in the CCUS industry following the most recent issuance of 45Q tax credit guidance by the IRS, including perspectives on:

  • The global and U.S. outlook for CCUS
  • Recently issued IRS guidance for the 45Q tax credit
  • Investor interest in and key implementation considerations of CCUS
  • Strategies for managing the challenges associated with CCUS, including regulatory requirements, potential liabilities and financial assurances

1:00:00 hr
1:00:00 hr
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