Kirkland Seminar

California Climate Laws: Seizing opportunity beyond compliance

Kirkland associate Kyle Guest will be featured in a collaboration between Agendi and Kirkland for the “California Climate Laws: Seizing opportunity beyond compliance” webinar on February 15, 2024.

Agendi is partnering with Kirkland & Ellis on this informative webinar aimed at enhancing the understanding of the regulatory environment for California-active companies, while providing an action-oriented roadmap towards preparation and an outline of strategies for managing both risks and opportunities at different maturity levels.

In a market emphasizing climate resilience and responsible stewardship, reporting goes beyond mere regulation; it becomes a strategic step toward securing a sustainable and competitive advantage in the evolving business landscape of tomorrow. The webinar will dive deeper into the risks and opportunities spawned by this regulatory change for businesses at different levels of preparedness, chart your course for preparation, execution and compliance to meet milestone deadlines and acquire insights into compliance strategies and risk mitigation.

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