Sponsored Event Kirkland & Ellis LLP

ULI New York - Demographic Drivers Behind Future Real Estate Demand

Kirkland & Ellis' New York office will host the Urban Land Institute of New York's seminar, "Demographic Drivers Behind Future Real Estate Demand," on February 9, 2011. The seminar will explore world-class insights into the demographic changes that fuel demand for real estate, both commercial and residential, investment and occupancy. Investors recognize that demographic change and future demand for real estate are inextricably linked. Not only is such change a constant, but it is occurring at an increasingly rapid rate. It is crucial to understand the real estate implications of the ever changing demographic drivers because population, household formation, income, migration patterns etc. have a profound influence on how and where we will live, work, shop and play. This program will provide insight on these drivers and potential opportunities to capitalize on them.

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