Sponsored Event

2023 Wharton Private Equity Venture Capital Conference

Kirkland is proud to support the 2023 Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference on Friday, March 31 at the New York Athletic Club. The conference brings together thought leaders, experienced partners and renowned academics to gain perspective on the state of private equity and venture capital. This year's theme is "Year of Transition: Evolving with a Transforming Market." Panel speakers will share their thoughts on the impact of the current macro environment on deal-making and how this new reality will affect current and prospective investments.

The below Kirkland partners will moderate the following panels:

Mary Beth Houlihan — Climate Investing and Energy Transition
Matthew O’Brien — Large Cap Buyouts
Matthew Block — Secondaries
Michael Brueck — Real Assets- Infrastructure and Real Estate
Nadia Murad — First Time Funds

Additional information and full agenda can be found on the event website here.