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Women Struggle for Entry in Old-Boy Practice Areas

In the male-dominated world of private equity law, breaking the glass ceiling of the profession is not easy for a woman to do. Kirkland & Ellis LLP partner Meg Gibson is one woman who has succeeded at doing just that, and she sees the potential to bring more bright, successful female attorneys into the private equity arena. She stresses the importance of mentoring young women who are interested in pursuing careers in private equity law.

"It's definitely something I think about a lot. The few women who have succeeded need to help bring along other women at their firms," Gibson said. "If I see a bright, promising young female lawyer with an interest in private equity, I want to do everything I can to convince her to stay. Private equity especially is a very young and rapidly growing business area that can play to a woman's strengths if they see it through."

This article appeared in its entirety in the December 2004 issue of the Chicago Lawyer.