Book Global Investigations Review

GIR Know-how: Data Privacy and Transfer in Investigations

Kirkland partners Lisa Madigan and Sunil Shenoi and associate Maureen Gallagher authored the USA chapter in Global Investigations Review’s Data Privacy & Transfer in Investigations Know-how.

The Data Privacy & Transfer in Investigations Know-how is designed to provide practitioners with unique insight and analysis across multiple jurisdictions. Topics discussed include:

  • The scope of data protection laws in the United States relevant to cross-border investigations;
  • Rights of individuals in investigations;
  • Extraction, legal review and analysis by third parties;
  • Transfer to regulators or enforcement authorities; and
  • Enforcement, sanctions and penalties for non-compliance.
This article was first published on Global Investigations Review in January 2024; for further in-depth analysis, please visit the GIR Know-how Data Privacy & Transfer in Investigations 2023.