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Latest UK Restructuring Technology for Stressed / Distressed Groups

At a Glance

Against the backdrop of increasing macro-economic pressures, we have prepared a high-level overview of restructuring solutions available to stressed or distressed European groups.

This includes the very latest technology for implementing financial and operational restructurings. 

Our deck focusses primarily on contractual and English law restructuring solutions, touching briefly on other European restructuring processes.

  • Key distressed inflection points — illustrative timeline
  • Out-of-court solutions
    • Including: opportunities within existing debt documents; amendments, waivers and forbearance; consensual restructurings; liability management transactions
  • “Capturing the discount”
    • The possibility of companies “capturing the discount” where their debt trades below par, via debt buy-backs
  • Restructuring plans and schemes of arrangement
  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Staying creditors’ claims
    • Administration and stand-alone moratorium
  • Other European restructuring processes
  • Kirkland’s distressed, special situations and specialty lending senior team

 For full details, see our detailed deck.

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