Financial Technology “FinTech”

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FinTech — the leveraging of new or improved technology to create innovative financial products and services for retail consumers and businesses — is revolutionizing the financial services landscape.

FinTech companies operate in various sectors of the highly regulated financial services industry. As FinTech continues to grow, financial regulators have grappled with ways to fit these disruptive companies and technologies within the existing regulatory framework. Financial regulatory agencies have developed various, ever-changing mandates that leave existing, emerging, and new FinTech industry participants with uncertainty about compliance.

Kirkland’s FinTech practice consists of a global, sophisticated, and multidisciplinary team of lawyers with deep understanding of the financial and technology industries from our market-leading practices. Many of our lawyers have held positions with, or have represented clients in front of, national and international government administrative and regulatory bodies, including the CIA, CFTC, DOJ, FDIC, FinCEN, FTC, OCC, SEC, UK Financial Conduct Authority, UK National Crime Agency, and UK Financial Services Authority.

Our FinTech lawyers have a successful track record helping clients navigate the legal, business and regulatory issues associated with this sector, enabling them to successfully achieve their business objectives, protect their technology and intellectual property, and navigate applicable regulatory requirements as they revolutionize the financial services industry. The Firm’s collective experience ensures our lawyers are committed to developing creative and constructive legal solutions to our clients’ needs.