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For many Kirkland lawyers, writing and publishing are natural extensions of a law practice and an effective means of communicating ideas to a wide audience. The topics vary as widely as our practice areas and deliver broad perspectives on numerous legal issues.

We make publications available with the understanding that the authors are not rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice or opinions on specific facts or matters and assume no liability whatsoever in connection with their use.

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Recent Publications
2/2/2018 - Alerts
Kirkland & Ellis International LLP
Landmark Court Opinion Increases Liability Risk Profile for German Portfolio Company Management
The German Supreme Court, in an opinion published January 31, 2018, has tightened the rules for determining when a company is “cash flow insolvent” and by extension for determining when a director of a German company has a civil and criminal law obligation to file the company for bankruptcy.
2/2/2018 - Alerts
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
U.S. Department of the Treasury Identifies Russian Political Leadership and Oligarchs, Though Ultimate Implications Remain Forthcoming
On January 29, 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) released the Report on Senior Foreign Political Figures and Oligarchs in the Russian Federation (“Report”) pursuant to Section 241 of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017 (“CAATSA”).
2/2/2018 - Articles
Don't Let PFAS Leave A Mark On Your Business Transaction
Alexandra Farmer and Laura Mulherin authored an article regarding per- and poly-fluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS), recent litigation and regulatory action related to PFAS, and the options for assessing and mitigating PFAS risks in transactions.
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