Firmwide Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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Kirkland continues to build and maintain a culture that values and gathers strength from difference. To achieve this goal, a dedicated and active group of partners and associates formed Kirkland’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 1999, which now includes members of the Firm’s Executive Management Committee, the chairperson of each office’s Attorney Recruiting Committee, and other partners and associates representing every office. Under the umbrella of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, our Firm has established Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), Gender, and Racial/Ethnic Minority subcommittees.

LGBT Subcommittee - The LGBT Subcommittee specifically addresses the needs and concerns of LGBT attorneys and staff. Tana Ryan and Edward Sadtler are the chairs of the LGBT Subcommittee.

Gender Subcommittee - The Gender Subcommittee is dedicated to the examination of the issues and concerns facing women attorneys at Kirkland. The Subcommittee focuses on relevant Firm policies and practices that directly impact female attorneys and proposes adjustments from time to time. Rajinder Bassi and Ashley Gregory are the chairs of the Gender Subcommittee.

Racial/Ethnic Minority Subcommittee - The Racial/Ethnic Minority Subcommittee is focused on internal and external programs designed to address the needs and priorities of racial and ethnic minorities at Kirkland, including issues related to recruitment, retention and promotion within the Firm, and the involvement of racial and ethnic minorities in the legal profession as a whole. Louis Hernandez,Paul Tanaka and Erica Williams are the chairs of the Racial/Ethnic Minority Subcommittee.

Kirkland’s Diversity Integration Task Force (DITF) also drives diversity into existing work streams and facilitates Kirkland’s diversity leadership in the legal industry. The DITF consists of Kirkland’s Chairman and seven other members of the Firm’s Executive Management Committee, as well as senior partners who chair key Firmwide committees.

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