Diversity Recruiting

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Law School Outreach

Building upon a long history of supporting diverse law student organizations, Kirkland pioneered the creation of a formal initiative to reach out to diverse law students across the country in 2008. The Firm calls the program the ALLSA initiative, an inclusive term reflective of its mission to reach out to “all” racial, ethnic, women's and LGBT student groups at law schools across the country. The ALLSA initiative is designed to encourage a sense of community among diverse attorneys and law students, increase the visibility of Kirkland’s diverse attorneys on law school campuses, create mentoring relationships with diverse students and open unique conduits for professional development. At the core of ALLSA are Kirkland liaisons who have formed relationships with more than 80 diverse law student groups.

Supporting the Next Generation

Kirkland actively participates in a number of local and national pipeline programs and is committed to investing in the lives of young people who may not otherwise consider a career in the legal profession. These efforts are financially supported by the Kirkland & Ellis Foundation and by attorneys who are committed to building bridges of opportunity for deserving young people in our communities. To this end, we partner with numerous pipeline organizations.

"Kirkland understands the first step in interesting students in a career in law
is to help them attend a good college that will position them well for law school.
The firm just gets it. They know if you want to create a real pipeline, you have
to do more than throw money at the opportunity. Kirkland makes a real
commitment to our students and the results speak for themselves."

— Karen G. Foley, President, Scholarship Chicago

For more information on these initiatives, read about our Pipeline/Mentoring programs.

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