'Going Green’ is more than a catchphrase at Kirkland — it’s a guiding principle of our Firm. We are committed to enhancing the global environment through sustainability efforts, and we implement these initiatives as individuals, as a Firm and on behalf of clients. - Kirkland Green Teams


Kirkland pursues environmental sustainability in all aspects of our internal operations and client relationships. Our commitment to green initiatives results not only in a reduced environmental footprint, but also in state-of-the-art, efficient service to clients and a vibrant work environment for employees. From building design to pro bono work, and energy use to charitable giving, sustainability is part of our internal fabric.

As one of the world’s largest international law firms, we recognize our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is global, and we pursue green initiatives throughout all of our offices and all that we do.

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Energy savings related to Kirkland's data center efficiency project total more than $1.1 million – equivalent to the above.