Real Work, Early On

Mathew’s Career Story

Mathew Eapen

Partner Boston
Mathew Eapen
At Kirkland, you are in charge of your career and your trajectory; you can actively direct your path.


Kirkland’s open assignment system presents a unique advantage for associate development. At Kirkland, you are in charge of your career and your trajectory; you can actively direct your path. If there are certain types of matters you want to work on or clients you want to work with, you are given the freedom to choose among them.

This system also makes the work more personal. I have developed close relationships with colleagues and that bond remains even after a transaction has been completed; they have continued to serve as informal mentors and advocated on my behalf.


Our training programs balance the theoretical with practical. It is one thing to understand securities law through the statutes and regulations as written, but, as an associate, it is also helpful to learn the practical issues and how they influence the approach for our day-to-day activities.

I have been astounded by the amount and variety of training that Kirkland provides; it makes it easy to dive right in and constantly learn something new.


When I came to Kirkland, I expected to work on complex transactions involving some of the most sophisticated sponsors in the private equity space, but I was completely surprised by how integrated I was in helping to develop solutions. I did not expect to be an active part of the team thinking through novel transaction structures so early in my career. At Kirkland, you are included in these discussions from the start. You are not a passive participant. I enjoy sitting down with partners and other associates to talk through issues and how to address them.


Clients come to Kirkland because they want lawyers who understand their business and the complexities involved. When I first started at the Firm, I was part of a team leading a fund recapitalization for one of the Firm's largest clients, which involved lawyers from Boston, London, Chicago and New York. I was able to see the entire transaction through, from preparing the client for the engagement of an investment banker to finally closing this past spring. We have been able to handle similar matters for other clients and I have continued to grow in my capabilities.


Because of the breadth and depth of Kirkland’s corporate practice, associates have ample opportunity to be challenged and hone their skills. We represent some of the largest and most sophisticated alternative asset managers as well as some emerging sponsors. This has helped me develop my ability to understand and unravel complex legal problems within the corporate realm and to confidently advise clients on material issues.