Kirkland Seminar Kirkland & Ellis LLP

2012 Copyright, Trademark, Internet & Advertising Symposium

Kirkland & Ellis LLP will host the Copyright, Trademark, Internet & Advertising Symposium on Tuesday, March 13 in New York, Tuesday, April 17 in Los Angeles, and Wednesday, May 2 in Chicago at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. The program is hosted by partners Dale Cendali, Tom M. Monagan, Claudia Ray, Johanna Schmitt, Diana Torres and Ross M. Weisman, P.C. Topics include:

  • Recent developments in copyright law, including the fair use defense, the DMCA, and streaming video issues.

  • Recent developments in Internet law, including personal jurisdiction over websites.

  • Recent developments and strategy regarding advertising law.

  • Recent developments in trademark law, including dilution law and the functionality defense.

For more information or to attend the program, please contact Regina Shapiro at +1 (312) 862-2353 or