Kirkland Seminar

PENews Brief: Senate Tax Reform Proposal: Key Distinctions from House Proposal for Private Equity Sponsors and Portfolio Companies

PENews Brief is a short conference call covering topics most critical to private equity business professionals. On our call on November 21, 2017, Kirkland & Ellis partners Jared Rusman and Sara Zablotney led a 15-minute discussion moderated by Leo Greenberg. This call focused on the important differences between the Senate tax reform tax bill and the House version from the perspective of private equity sponsors and portfolio companies, as they were understood to be on November 21. Discussion topics included the differing impact of the proposed reforms on:

  • carried interests and PE funds and managers;
  • taxation of international operations;
  • corporate and flow-through portfolio companies; and
  • executive compensation.

Visit this link to listen to an audio recording of the call.

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