Speaking Engagement

PERE Forum: Realigning the GP-LP Relations in the Bold New Era of Real Estate Investment

The fifth annual PERE Forum: Realigning the GP-LP Relations in the Bold New Era of Real Estate Investment will be held on October 26-27, 2010, in New York. The PERE Forum, sponsored by Kirkland & Ellis, provides a unique platform to hear from those astute real estate investors who not only understand the fundamentals of asset management and proper capital structures, but who have skillfully navigated the trial-by-fire environment of economic uncertainty, lack of deals, lack of financing and distress and who will by dint of those skills be poised to not only persevere but to succeed in the years ahead.

A major focus of this year's forum will be the dynamics of the relationship between limited partner and general partners. With the dearth of funds raised in 2009, the balance of negotiating power has started to shift to the LPs and many in the industry have dubbed 2010 the year of the LP. The forum will explore what it will take for GPs to attract commitments, pressure on fees and what strategies are in favor by LPs. Ultimately raising capital is the key to a firm's ability to take advantage of the potential investment opportunities that are on the horizon in 2011.

Topics to be discussed at the PERE Forum: New York will also include:

  • FDIC – how to source FDIC deals, how to close them, the challenges, pitfalls and benefits
  • Debt funds – accessing the equity through the debt
  • Sourcing debt – where to find leverage
  • The inside track to executing a loan to own strategy
  • Evaluating current financing options
  • The evolving LP-GP relationship
  • Emerging managers programs
  • LP co-investment opportunities – what are the pros and cons of direct investment
  • Outlook for fundraising in 2011


Partners Stephen Tomlinson and Todd Maynes will be speaking at the event.